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  The watch is under warranty for a period three year from the date of purchase. Warranty is valid only if the date of purchase has been confirmed by the dealer's seal. Indicating date, model and dealer's name, address and phone number. In the event of a claim while your watch is under warranty, please return your watch to your dealer.

IMPORTANT - Warranty does not cover:

1. Water infiltration due to failure to completely screw down the crown.
2. Damage caused by careless or incorrected use.
3. Breakage caused by accident, tempering or repairs attempted by unauthorized persons.
4. Watchband, glass or batteries.

  For any questions, please contact us at
Refunds must be requested within 7 days of the original date of purchase. All refunds, straight returns, and order cancellations will be subject to a 9% restocking fee. No Exceptions.
Returns and exchanges are not permitted, and will be refused, if the item has been used, worn, or altered from its original condition in any way (including sizing or the removal of links).
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